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Baker Records

David Baker Pension Appl., 1832, pt 1 (198k)
David Baker Pension Appl., 1832, pt 2 (120k)
David Baker Pension Appl., 1832, pt 3 (126k)
David Baker Pension Appl., 1832, pt 4 (122k)
David Baker Will, 1838
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Cottrell Records

G. W. Cottrell Pension Application, 1887-1890
Louisa Baker Cottrell Pension Application, 1897
Cottrell cattle brand 1890
Bill of sale, Cottrell cattle 1892
1897 Denver directory, M.G. Cottrell
1918 Clay Cottrell Draft Registration

Cottrell Marriages
M.G. Cottrell & Mattie Johnson, 1874
Sarah Jane Cottrell & A.C. Henson, 1880
Mary E. Cottrell & John H. Green, 1883 Margaret Arby Cottrell & R.C. Hollis, 1885
Addie Cottrell & Emmett Harris, 1897
Effalie Cottrell & Hinton Snoddy, 1898
Maud Cottrell & Morris Gottlieb, 1912
Opal Robertson & Clay Cottrell, 1916

Martin Gilbert Cottrell - obituary
Martin Gilbert Cottrell - Death Certificate
Mattie Johnson Cottrell - obituary
Mattie Johnson Cottrell - Death Certificate
Ruth Cottrell funeral - 1918
Donald Harris Cottrell funeral - 1932
Clay Rex Cottrell - obituary, 1970
Opal Robertson Cottrell - obituary, 1995
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Geissler Records

1930 Geissler Naturalization Certificates
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Robertson Records

Jasper Robertson Odd Fellows Certificate
World War II War Ration Book, Eula Robertson

Robertson Marriages
"Mattie" Robertson & Louis D. Crenshaw, 1871
Nancy A. Robertson & Mack L. Parish, 1874
John E. Robertson & Martha Ellis, 1876
Bird A. Robertson & Alice Ellis, 1876
Mary Isabella Robertson & Amos Hendrix, 1879
George G. Robertson & Viola Garner, 1880
Fannie Robertson & "John" Harrison, 1888
Lillie Robertson & Lawson Enloe, 1895
Jasper Robertson & Eula Beard, 1896
Lillie Robertson Enloe & Peter D. Wilson, 1903

Lara Della Belle Robertson Pratt - Funeral
Jasper C. Robertson - Death Certificate
Jasper C. Robertson - obituary
Eula Baird Robertson - Death Certificate
Mary I. Robertson Hendrix - Death Certificate
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Livingston Records

A.C. Livingston - obituary
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Shew Records

Phillip Shew will, 1826
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